These photos supplied by Roger French Photography are for sport and cultural teams and will be laminated with players’ names.

Venue: Boarders Lounge **NEW VENUE THIS YEAR**
Date: Wednesday, 20th October

9.10am Drama SCP
9.15am Maund Dawgs
9.20am Film and Lighting
9.25am Tennis Junior Team
9.30am Chess Team
9.35am Clay Target
9.40am Debating Team
9.45am MMA SCP
9.55am Volleyball Junior Team
10.00am Volleyball Junior B Team
10.05am Volleyball Senior B Team
10.10am Basketball Junior Dev
10.15am Basketball Junior Black
10.20am Basketball Junior Yellow
10.25am Basketball Junior White
10.30am Hockey Junior Marlins
10.35am Hockey Cobras
10.40am Hockey Junior Huias
10.45am Hockey Junior A Squad
11.00am Football Junior White
11.10am Football Junior Black
11.20am Football Junior Orange
11.25am Football Year 9 Team
11.30am Football Rebels
11.35am Football Yellow
11.40am Football Trojans
11.45am Football Raiders
11.50am Football Big Dogs
11.55am Football Milan FC
12.00pm Football GBPs
12.25pm Rugby U65kg Gold
12.30pm Rugby U65kg White
12.35pm Rugby U65kg Black
12.40pm Rugby U15 Black
12.45pm Rugby U15 White
12.50pm Rugby U15 Yellow
12.55pm Rugby U14A
1.00pm Rugby 3rd XV
1.10pm Top 6 Squash
1.15pm Athletics Team
1.20pm 2nd XI Football
1.25pm Football Squad
1.30pm Frisbee Ultimate Team
1.35pm 2nd XI Hockey
1.40pm Sharks Hockey
1.45pm Boarders XI Hockey
1.50pm Eagles Hockey
1.55pm Rural Games Team
2.05pm Top 6 Badminton
2.10pm Sailing Team

2.20pm Senior Volleyball Team
2.25pm 1st VI Touch Team
2.30pm Senior Dev Basketball
2.35pm Senior B Basketball
2.40pm Hospitality
2.45pm Rockquest
2.50pm Esport Team
2.55pm Cycling Team
3.00pm Librarians